1.) What’s to gain by purchasing a web template?

Considering the fact that you can buy one of state of the art, website templates from anywhere between $58 to $64 dollars USD, the first advantage is value. Hiring a website designer will cost you that much or more for one hour’s work. By buying one of our pre-existing, pre-formatted web templates you get a striking, easy to use, state of the art product for a great price. Of course the second and most important reason why purchasing one of our web templates is a good idea is that your attractive website template will produce an online image that will reflect well on you, your company and/or organization. The impressive website templates featured at Hotel Templates will provide you a striking and effective online presence.

2.) How quickly do I receive my website template from?

Your download is automatically sent to you via email after purchase.

3. Do you provide customization services if I want to customize the web template I’ve just purchased?
Sorry, at this time we do not offer customization services for our hotel templates.

4. What format are these templates available in?

What files will I receive with my purchased web template? Each of our web templates come with both standard HTML and pre-sliced Photoshop files included. We also provide your attached cascading style sheets and font styles. These web templates are editable in a variety of software formats but we highly recommend Macromedia’s Dreamweaver- which is the industry standard product.

5. Do I own the web template after purchase?

Yes, you own the website template once you’ve paid for it. Therefore you have full rights to customize the web template in any way you see fit to meet your personal needs. Please note however that one template purchase is equal to one website. If you plan to use the template multiple times, please re-purchase the template relative to each additional website you plan to develop.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

Our fully-secure Paypal account works with all major credit cards. We do accept payment by check or money order; but please note that delivery will be delayed until payment has cleared. You can contact us for a mailing address.

8. What is your return policy?

Sorry, being that these are intangible products, and thus not returnable, our web templates are non- refundable. An exception to this rule arises when a defect in a template emerges. In this instance, we guarantee to either fix the defect within 3 business days, or refund your purchase. You also have the option of opting for an exchange – even for a higher priced template, at no extra charge.

9. I ordered a template but haven’t received the download information.

If such an unlikely event were to occur, we will work to resolve the issue in a timely manner. In such a situation please contact us by e-mail.

10. Can I use Microsoft Front Page with these templates?

Yes, our files are compatible with Front Page format. However, please note that we do not provide extensions for this or any other software program.

11. What is Adobe Photoshop (PSD Files)?

Adobe Photoshop is well recognized as the industry standard software product for graphic web design work. Visit the Adobe website for a free trial of this and other popular Adobe products.

12. Can I purchase a web template to do web design and/or development work for a client?

Yes. Our product is the perfect solution for a web developer who doesn’t have the time, energy, or skill-set to design a custom template. We offer special packages for web developers purchasing multiple website templates. Please contact us for details.

13. Will Hotel Templates help me edit my purchased template?

With each web template purchase you will receive simple, straightforward instructions that guide you through the process of setting up and editing your new web template product.

14. Are your web templates compatible in all major browsers?

Yes. We design our website templates to be compatible in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, & Firefox,

and some other browsers may also apply. In addition our web templates are designed so that they render well in all sized computer screens. This is an added bonus that our competitors’ products often do not include.

15: Why is my search, contact, and newletter forms not working in my html/static template?

Our templates do not include any additional scripts. All forms such as search fields, newsletter subscription, or contact information are inactive. By definition, these forms are dynamic functions that require customized setup between the end user and his or her server/host company.

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