Things to Remember on a Hotel Website Design

Things to Remember During a Hotel Website Design

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written by: Bernd Blezzed


Since the arrival of the internet, massive changes have occurred in the hotel and travel industry. Nowadays, every part of planning for a trip is in the hands of consumers, making it necessary for a hotel to have a good online presence. If you have decided to create a website for your hotel business, this is the best decision ever. Most clients visit your property website first, so the impression you make is very critical. Here are a few points to note when designing a hotel website for the best impact.

Content Still Rules

For you to enhance the experience of users, the content on your site must be top-notch. When it comes to content, there is no alternative to quality and relevance. The only way to keep visitors to your site is to understand them and create relevant content. One approach has always worked in the process of content development for hotel website design: place yourself in visitors’ shoes and create content related to what they desire when they visit a hotel.

Responsive Design Matters

In recent years, people have been using mobile devices than desktop computers in making general inquiries in Google. This means that hotels that design mobile friendly websites enhance the number of site visits. If your site does not adjust automatically to tablets, Smartphone devices and similar gadgets, consider responsive design. The results will show-the number of reservations will increase.

Call to Action

Now that the user has enjoyed the experience on your site, you need to show the next step. In other words, this is your opportunity to convert the visitor into your guest. Make sure that the booking button is available and prominent on every page. Along with the button, include special offers to motivate action.


Your site is the first point of contact with prospective clients. Visitors are likely to gauge your services according to website experience. Therefore, making a good first impression is necessary. You can use the power of your website to convert visitors into guests using the hotel website design tips suggested here.